Event Category: Rec Group

Social group with riders of various skill levels. This is a no-drop group. Average speeds in the 13-15 mph range. There is usually some climbing involved.

Rec Group ride Bena Shell to Twin Oaks

Start at Bena Shell station, ride to National Cemetery to get water. Go to Caliente via Bealville Rd and the Wall. Continue to Twin Oaks. Return to Caliente and climb out to Bena Rd. via Cal-Bodfish and return to Bena Shell. Miles 68 Clomb 4215 feet See route

Rec Group Goes to Twin Oaks

Start at Caliente Post Office at 8am Saturday. Ride up to Twin Oaks and return. Click here for the route.

Rec Group Rides Round Mountain

Start at Ethel’s at 7am. Ride over Round Mountain to Granite road and return over the mountain to Ethel’s Short ride due to heat. Click here for route