First Post Quarantine Kern Wheelmen Ride

On Saturday, June 6th, 17 riders got to enjoy our first post Covid-19 Quarantine Kern Wheelemen sponsored ride. We have been given the OK by the County to do rides again with social distancing rules in place.

The weather was cool and it was a great group. We were going to go about 42 miles, but made changes on the fly and wound up at about 52 miles with extra climbing.

Our route was from Yokuts Park to the mouth of the canyon on Hwy 178. After reaching that spot, we all decided to go up and back on Rancheria Rd which is basically 5 miles of climb then coming back down to Hwy 178.

We threw in a cruise around Lake Ming before going through Hart Park, by Ethels Old Corral, and back to Yokuts.

Thanks all for the fantastic Day!

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